“I chose Patrik as a Daka because I witnessed his integrity, authenticity, power and ability to hold emotional depth during a 7-day (ISTA) training event. I actually travelled from Switzerland to Sweden for my massage because I considered it so important to work with the right person, someone who is actively and courageously going the distance on his own path of personal and spiritual awakening. Patrik created beautiful sacred space with clear boundaries. I felt absolutely safe and at ease, even though this was a new and vulnerable experience for me. I felt truly respected, honoured and held with unconditional love. I felt seen and fully met. He gave me total authority to allow and trust my body to lead and enjoy the process, while gently and confidently inviting me to open in a way that felt right for me. All of this supported by Patrik’s deep intuitive sensitivity, fearless vulnerability, and unwavering presence. It is a real blessing that Patrik shares his gift with a big generous heart. I am immensely grateful to him for being such a vibrant guiding light. By receiving such big love I feel that I can now be a greater channel of love, for myself and for others. I highly recommend Patrik to anyone on a path of conscious self-empowerment and sacred sexual awakening.” – Georgina (CH)