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Bodywork & Coaching Sessions

Giving private sessions is one way of helping someone else be all that they can be; To find their true self and come back to their own body and connect with their personal energy. A session can be anything from a talking session like counselling or enneagram coaching to bodywork such as tantra massage, yoni mapping or a tantra session. The coaching sessions can be done either in person or via Skype. A private session is often the key to personal transformation.

The sessions range from life coaching, enneagram coaching and relationship counselling to bodywork in the form of tantra massage or tantra sessions.

All sessions are given in the cosy studio in central Malmö, via Skype or in the comfort of your own home. 

After receiving the sessions from you I have felt a very blissful state of joy, love, happiness, sensuality – and the experience of getting more in touch with the beautiful orgasmic potential I have been longing to get in touch with. I feel my heart is softening.
I feel awakening of my sexual energy (which I almost didn’t relate to or feel before. I was sure that sexual and erotic desire was nothing I would ever be able to feel!). I feel the structure/alchemy of my body changing – from numbness to a very pure sensitivity. My body feels much more intensely the sensation of a touch, of the wind touching my skin or of the water when I swim… My body is alive, vibrating and happy! I feel a beautiful flow of life energy and vitality. I feel polarised – more feminine, powerful, soft and affectionate. I feel much more connected to my body and my yoni. Slowly I am beginning to accept and connect to my sexuality – I feel a little more free and less shame than before the sessions. It is easier to allow myself to feel erotic/sexual desire. I am beginning to let go of some layers of shame that has been blocking my wish to express myself – and my sexuality in a natural a free way. I am much more aware of how and when shame is stopping me from setting myself free – and I am much more open to learn and understand more about that.

Mette (DK)

Tantra Massage

A tantra massage is a very soft and gentle relaxing massage given with sensual light strokes of the entire body. It is a massage given in a warm room with heated oil. The massage itself is designed to awaken sexual energy and move that energy through your body. A tantra massage is both a highly pleasurable and healing experience as it allows for the recipient to surrender and receive pleasure in a safe space with no pressure to give anything back. This allows to truly go deep into ones own pleasure body, clear anything that lies in the way of experiencing deep pleasure and enter into orgasmic states and bliss.

I read about the tantra massage session and wondered if I would dare. Curious and with a racing heart, I booked an appointment. Nervousnesss and excitment replacing one another. On the way there I entered into a peaceful and determined state … it is happening. It was hot in the room, lit candles and a mattress with blanket and pillows on the floor. Soft music and the scent of oil. We talked for a while about expectations and boundaries before my session. He left me a moment while I undressed and lied down, naked on the mattress. The oil and his hands felt warm against my body. Tranquility and the sensual massage made me wind down and I was able to relax and enjoy. While I was lying on my stomach and he massaged my legs, he lifted my foot against his heart. It felt very sensual and stimulating to feel his heartbeat reverberate through my body. After a while it was time to turn around. The massage continued from the head and shoulders over my breasts against the abdomen and legs. I felt excited and horny. He asked for eye contact and asked if he could massage the yoni. His hands soft with hot oil massaged me inside and out. Soft, gentle and arousing. Fully relaxed, I feel the warmth of his body next to mine. I feel safe, secure and relaxed during the massage. I know that I can control or stop it whenever I want. It awakens desire, arousal and desire for sex, lots of sex. The massage of the yoni allowed me to approach orgasm only to calm the body down and then back up again, escalating the arousal. It took a few days to integrate and land in all the sensations. .. I still feel excited and tingly with great desire for sex. I recommend everyone to try this, an exciting way to relate to your own sexuality. Selfishly allowed to receive and act on your own pleasure without having to consider your partner. This was my own session just mine.

Thanks / an ordinary mom.

Sara (SE)

Relationship coaching

The coaching sessions for individuals or couples can be anything from simple life coaching, to an enneagram coaching session. It is taking a look at your life and where you are at now and where you would like to be, getting help negotiating the path in between. We coach individuals and couples on:, life, sexuality, relationships, ethical non-monogamy, spirituality and the enneagram.

With many years of marriage counselling we have both the experience and expertise to help you and your loved ones to reastablish communication, trust and boundaries in your existing relationships. 

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